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Wireless Tower Acquisitions
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Turn Your Infrastructure Asset Into Capital


Wireless Leases

Generate tax-efficient capital with a wireless lease buyout.

Renewables Leases

Generate tax-efficient capital with a solar or wind lease buyout.

Tower Acquisitions

Raise capital and eliminate expenses with a tower acquisition by Unison.

Fiber-Enabled Infrastructure

Redeploy capital and maximize the value of your fiber-enabled infrastructure assets.
Cellular communication tower
01 Wireless Leases
Renewable lease buyouts
02 Renewables Leases
Wireless Tower Acquisitions
03 Tower Acquisitions
Enterprise partnerships
04 Fiber-Enabled Infrastructure
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Benefits of Selling Your Lease to Unison

Unison provides non-profit organizations with immediate access to capital through our lease buyout services. Our experts take your organization’s financial goals and tax status into account to ensure you get the most value possible.

Immediate Value Icon

Immediate Value

Realize the long-term value of your lease through a lump sum payment.

Tax Benefits Icon

Tax Benefits

Optimize the tax treatment of your lease revenue.

Risk Mitigation Icon

Risk Mitigation

Eliminate the risk of lease termination or payment reduction.

Investment Opportunities Icon

Investment Opportunities

Redirect the Unison lump sum payment to other investments.

Capital Redeployment Icon

Capital Redeployment

Fund the mission-focused priorities of your organization.

Financial Planning Icon

Financial Planning

Simplify financial planning and secure your organization’s future.

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Everything You Need to Know About Our Services

There could be many potential benefits to selling your lease, including immediately realizing the long-term value of your lease, optimizing the tax treatment of your earnings, and reducing the risk of lease termination. The most frequent reason leaseholders sell to Unison is to receive a lump sum of capital instead of the lease payments. The lump sum is yours to keep, regardless of what happens to the lease in the future. Many non-profit clients use the proceeds from their Unison transaction to reinvest in the core mission of their organization – from upgrading facilities to expanding services. The reasons are always unique and Unison’s team can help structure a transaction that meets your goals.

By investing in many sites with a variety of attributes, Unison is able to spread the risk of loss of any one asset over a portfolio of assets. This approach enables us to deliver the highest possible value for each asset acquired and pass along the benefits of a risk-adjusted portfolio to each client.

Unison has decades of experience delivering reliable, customized solutions to sellers. We are committed to providing the highest possible value to our clients and pride ourselves on transparency, expertise, and guidance throughout the process.